The Forum's Rules

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The Forum's Rules

Post  Hugo Weasley on Wed Dec 22, 2010 5:03 pm

The Rules

No God-Moding or Power playing
This is a forum for all writers. So, we do not want writers have all powerful characters that never get hit or hurt (god-moding) or that take control of other characters (power playing).

Topics can get graphic
Well real life can get graphic and for that reason we ask you mark all topics with a ‘MATURE’ warning if a topics turns towards a nature of sex, drugs, violence, etc. We have warned you, so please do not complain if you read a mature rated thread and get offended.

We’re all in this together
We don’t want fights breaking out OOC, so if a problem arises speak to a member of the Admin staff and they will attempt to mediate. This forum does not tolerate any form of bullying or prejudice.

Be considerate when posting
We don’t operate a minimum length for the posts of this site, but we ask you not to be lax on the detail. If someone has taken the time to write a length, detailed post please do not respond with a one liner. It’s not nice to see nor does it help the story move along. The admin staff will keep an eye on all active topics.

We like to see you around
In terms of activity we don’t want to be prescriptive, but we ask everyone to try and be prompt with replies. Real life can be hard, so if you know that you will be away for a long time please let the admin staff know by posting in the absence thread.

The Admin will be keeping a keen eye on all the members to ensure that the rules are followed. If we see rule breaking we will be contact with that member. We operate a ‘three strike and you’re out’ method here. The first strike will be a PM to the member, the second strike will be a written warning and the final strike will be a week’s suspension from the site. After the third strike a permanent exclusion from the site will be considered.

However, we hope that these disciplinary actions won’t have to be taken. We want this site to be a fun forum to develop stories and enjoy writing.

Enjoy your time here on Magic is Might.
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