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Drusus Wilde

Post  Drusus Wilde on Fri Dec 24, 2010 7:52 am

Name: Drusus Cerberus Wilde

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Blood Status: Mixed blood (maternal grandparents were muggles)

Wand: Yew (reasonably supple), 12¾", Thestral hair

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Position at Hogwarts: Professor for Defence Against the Dark Arts

Appearance: Drusus Wilde cuts a rather dark and imposing figure, standing as he does at 6ft tall and stalking broodingly about like something Poeish. There is a certain mysterious-19th-century-gentleman-who-keeps-slightly-questionable-company-in-higher-circles charm to him, however, and his seemingly-standard expressions (amused incredulity or menacing incredulity) suit him quite nicely. Despite living in the 21st Century, his fashion statements are also typically of the 19th century persuasion: generally incorporating any variation of the cravat-shirt-waistcoat ensemble in any shade from black to silver. As for his hair, it has always had a will entirely of its own; he was a wise enough man to recognise this as a lost cause years ago, and has since stopped trying to fight the inevitability of a losing battle.

Personality: Perhaps more smug and evasive than some would have him, Wilde’s talent for being underhanded and honey-tongued can mean he’s not always entirely trusted by those around him. He is, nonetheless, a sensible and intelligent man who can generally be relied upon to do the right thing (even if he does favour the ‘end justifies the means’ school of thinking). While not the sort to use explosions of temper to discipline his students’ misdemeanours nor to deal out detentions at the drop of a hat, he won’t take being pushed too far by his students - utilising oft-times unorthodox methods of putting them back in line (passed notes bursting into flame; books smacking people upside the head; talking pupils being temporarily relieved of their voices, &c.). He does, however, tend to exercise a measure of leniency with them before they reach the Line-That-Should-Not-Be-Crossed which tends to command (most of the time, anyway) more respect than disobedience. That, or the students simply know their ties may catch on fire if they don’t behave.

History: Drusus was born on November 5th, 1988, near York, North Yorkshire: only son (and, indeed, child) to parents Scabius and Odessa Wilde. The Wilde family can trace their roots back to Pureblood ancestry on his father’s side, which – as with all pure bloodlines – reaches back through centuries’ worth of family tree. His mother’s magical heritage is somewhat less senior, having been born of muggle parents with no magic in their blood whatsoever.

Drusus grew up in the Wilde ancestral home of Hythesey Priory – a picturesque place of Yorkshire stone and long-forgotten religion isolated amid the marshes to keep inquisitive non-magic folk from intruding on the family’s privacy. Wandering about in the reeds and bogs as a child, Drusus quickly developed a keen interest in the dark creatures that lived there; Grindylows, Hinkypunks and the occasional glimpse of a Boggart (scarring experiences though the latter ones generally were) influencing him towards an expertise in dark things which would later earn him his professorship at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Drusus attended Hogwarts himself (not always a family tradition, since his paternal grandfather studied at Durmstrang): sorted into the House of Slytherin at the tender age of eleven (just after Voldemort’s second, and final, defeat), he was a notable student in Herbology, Potions and Charms, but, of course, excelled in his area of interest: Defence Against the Dark Arts. His strong academic grades may well have been helped along by the unfortunate discovery that he was not, could not, and never would be talented with a broomstick. His early classes in Flying and Quidditch (subjects he dropped at the first possible opportunity) are embarrassing memories he is only too keen to suppress.

For some time, Drusus showed an interest in following the career path of an Auror, but the untimely death of his mother Odessa disrupted his final year, and his studies suffered too greatly for him to achieve the required grades. Returning to York after he graduated, he spent several years working in the city branch of Flourish and Blotts before going on to work abroad in Europe as a Dark Creature catcher and local curse-breaker for haunted properties and hexed unfortunates.

Upon his return to England sometime later, he heard of the job vacancy going at Hogwarts for a Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. Now experienced in dealing with all manner of Dark-Art-related unpleasantries, Drusus applied for the job, knowing full-well of its reputation for being cursed. After all... he always liked a challenge.

Special Skills/Talents: Drusus has a deep, long-standing interest in and comprehension of the Dark Arts and, as such, the methods used to counter them. Growing up in the rural marshes also means that he is well-school in the magical properties and uses of plants, especially in potions, poisons and cures. He also enjoys reading.

Boggart: A drowned corpse (a close-call with a Grindylow almost resulted in this being his own demise as a boy).

Patronus: A wolfhound.
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Re: Drusus Wilde

Post  Hugo Weasley on Fri Dec 24, 2010 8:12 am

Excellent biography there. Welcome to the forum and the game, Professor.
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