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Professor Charles Tetherwood

Post  Charles Tetherwood on Fri Dec 24, 2010 4:05 pm

Name: Charles Tetherwood

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Blood Status: Muggle-born

Wand: 11 inches, Oak, Unicorn tail hair

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Appearance: Charles does not fit the stereotype that comes with the subject he teaches. Though being extremely bookwormish Charles has the appearance of a man that takes very good care of his looks. Standing at 5’10 he teeters on the edge of being too small in comparison to his female counterparts. His hair is a light brown that is naturally messy, though he tries his hardest to tame it with some success.

Physically he’s not the strongest or most athletic. Actually he’s quite the opposite of both those qualities. Charles’ physique is lean that somehow matches his height without him looking underweight. If he was any taller he would risk the image of malnourishment. Charles dresses in typical muggle wear, instead of favouring full on Wizarding robes like the other staff at Hogwarts. Suits, smart shirts and waistcoats are among his favourite clothes to wear. To appease the wizard inside him he sometimes wears robes similar to that of the Academic dress worn at Muggle university graduations.

Personality: Charles is a kind man to his heart. He hates to see other people in distress and will always come to their need if he is able to. This quality of caring for other people has been an asset as well as negative for his teaching methods. He will work tirelessly to ensure that no student slips through the net of his classroom, but sometimes he has the inability to instil discipline in his class like his colleagues.

Idealistic and Naive are two words that have been used to describe Charles’ personality. However, intellectual brilliance have also been used. Charles is as stupid as he is smart. Romantic ideals hold such a huge influence over his life as he always looks for the best in people, willing to forgive old grudges if a confrontation would be avoided. His intelligence is one of Charles’ greatest assets. From a young age Charles showed signs of intellect. As a baby he would sit up alert, attempting to reach out with his hands as if he was trying take in knowledge from everything around him. That curious nature never left Charles when he went to Hogwarts.

History: Charles was born into a stereotypical muggle family. There was not an ounce of magical blood (that he has been able to find) in his family, spanning back five generations. His family however was quite wealthy. His father was a city Lawyer that lived away from home four days each week and returned home for the weekend. Being the youngest, and the least sporty, of his four brothers his relationship with his father was not the strongest, for he favoured physical prowess over intelligence.

Just because Charles didn’t have the best relationship with his father did not mean he was completely screwed up as a child. His Mother’s brother was a great male role model for Charles. He was an author the valued intelligence and sharp-wit over anything else. As a muggle Charles was sent to the local primary school, where he expressed a talent for reading and history, it was obvious he was destined to have a career in words.

When he turned eleven he woke up to an odd surprise. In his parent’s living was a woman dressed in a tartan travelling cloak and long black robes. She introduced herself as the headmistress of a school called Hogwarts that taught magic. Charles was too young to truly understand, but he knew that he was different to that of everyone in his family. The woman told him that he had been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he would learn to master a magical power within him. He couldn’t wait to go there.

The magical world was amazing to the young Charles. He wanted to experience everything that it had to offer and that was what he did. At school he immersed himself in every topic imaginable, it was no surprise to his Professor that he lived up to old Ravenclaw type. His excelled in his studies, but he exceeded in a topic that so many do not enjoy; History of Magic. The subject enthralled him from his very first lesson.

He left Hogwarts with excellent grades that could have gained him a lucrative position in the Ministry of Magic, but that career didn’t appeal to him. He longed to amass knowledge that he could use to enhance his and other’s lives. His first ambition was to write a history textbook, but he found that Bathilda Bagshot had addressed nearly all topics in magical history and all he would be doing is repeating her work or just adding to it. Charles wanted to carve out a part of history he put his name to. For almost five years, he travelled the world studying magical cultures, but never staying in one place for too long. The longest amount of time he stayed in one place was when he embarked on a 5 month trek across the Peruvian mountains. To travels around the world gave Charles a worldly knowledge that would never leave him.

After his travels he settled back in the United Kingdom, hoping write an encyclopaedia of the magical world, but he couldn’t find a publisher that would back him. For two years he struggled to find a benefactor of his work, but Charles knew when to quit. At twenty-five, still relatively young, he applied for the new vacancy of History of Magic Professor at Hogwarts. It seemed that constant reviews in Professor Binns’ method of teaching resulted in his forced retirement. The Board of Governors tasked the new Head of Hogwarts to infuse the subject with youth. So, being the youngest, Charles was hired.

Teaching at Hogwarts has been a dream for Charles. He branched off the typical History of Goblin rebellions and Giant Wars to include magical history of the World.

Patronus: Owl

Special Skills/Talents: Incredible intellect, eidetic memory, keen debater and a worldly knowledge.

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Re: Professor Charles Tetherwood

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