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Post  Adeline Jay on Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:08 pm

Name: Adeline Clarisse Jay

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Blood Status: Halfblood

Wand: Hazel with Dragon Heartstring, 10”

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Appearance: Quite tall, both for her gender and age, Adeline, at fifteen, stands at 5'8” and has only just gotten the hang of minding all her limbs and looking, at the very least, slightly graceful. Her appearance isn't something she is much bothered with, all she thinks about is that she is unique, with large blue eyes, a small nose and mouth and a large forehead and a square jaw. Even when out of Hogwarts, she doesn't take much care in how she dresses and can usually be found dressed in tones of blue that match her House at Hogwarts.

Personality: Her mother used to say that there was no one like her in the world, and, unlike everything else her mother said, Adeline did believe that. Her intelligence was something she prided herself in very much, something that she wasn't afraid to flaunt and use to make sure people saw how much better than everyone else she was. At a young age, she manages to be mainly dominated by logic and her own ambition to be recognized. Sometimes she thought that she could have wound up in Slytherin, seeing as she is determined to get what she wants at all costs, and other people's emotions can not keep her from doing so. Adeline's goal is to become an important witch and to be talked about all around the wizarding world. She respects authority, however, and would do nothing that might ruin her reputation as a good student at school. Uptight is a word that might be used to describe her when her need to follow the rules becomes a little obsessive.

History: Adeline lives in London with her mother, Catherine, and her sister Madeline, and both of them are the people she hates the most in the world. Both blond, shorter and rounder, Adeline looks like an outsider in the family almost as much as she feels like one. Adeline never knew her father and Cathy never talked about him, saying only that the three of them were happy as it was and that they didn't need to worry about men who hadn't been present when they had been needed. All her life, Addie had worried about studying as much as she could so as to find a job quickly and move out of her mother's house. Nobody knew about her plans, and Adeline supposed that they even thought she was happy living with them, and was proud of herself for being so good at hiding her emotions. She was also determined to find out more about her father and finally her mother told her that he had been a wizard and that she had been the result of an affair which had lasted only one night, as he was married, and that Cathy had never found out his full name. That only added to her feeling like an outsider in her own home, and enhanced the feeling of needing to leave.

The happiness of knowing her father had been a wizard, however, overpowered everything else and could only be compared to how happy she had been when she'd gotten her Hogwarts letter. Catherine Jay had never really thought about Adeline being a witch, but when the woman had caught little Addie, who couldn't be older than eight, at the time, levitating Madeline's toys and throwing them out the window, it was all clear. Adeline never knew of this, and she was so delighted to know that she would spend most of her year away from home that the news of her mother's new relationship were completely worthless to her.

Like it was to be expected, Cathy Jay was less than happy to see her daughter go away, but she contented herself with the presence of her youngest child and, together, mother and youngest daughter made plans to move to France as soon as Adeline graduated, so that they could move in with Cathy's boyfriend, Robert Bennet, who was the third person Adeline hated the most. As such, with only a disliked family to go home to, Adeline decided to focus only on Hogwarts and to make sure she was the best student the school had ever seen, and hoped she would succeed.

Special Skills/Talents Adeline has a knack for Potions, not to mention a huge passion for it, has a tendency to be cunning and sly and is remarkably intelligent.
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Re: Adeline Jay

Post  Hugo Weasley on Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:46 pm

Very good application. My pleasure to accept you to the forum as a Ravenclaw. Welcome.
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