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Aelius Narcissus Dyne

Post  Aelius Narcissus Dyne on Thu Dec 02, 2010 5:13 pm

Name: Aelius Narcissus Dyne

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Blood Status: Pureblood

Wand: Cherrywood 11”, hard with a manticore vocal chord at the core.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Appearance: Tall and lithe, with snowy white skin, black hair and bright blue eyes.

Personality: Studious if a little easy going and laid back, but his intelligence and status as the heir to one of the most prestigious pure blood families can make him seem snide and a little aloof. It’s only when you’re close to him that his playful- if not outright flirtatious- nature comes out.

History: The Dyne family has always been held with high regard within the wizarding world. Producing famous alchemists and elementalists alike, it’s long been speculated that their skill for taming the elements or transfiguring metals was the result of the legend/rumour that the Dyne lineage was spawned by the titan that first gave man fire. While, perhaps, a millennia ago this may have been true, the Dyne family neither confirms nor denies the possibility that their gifts for controlling parts of the natural world came from greater means than study alone. For, within heart of each Dyne heir, beats the heart of an element. It differs from generation to generation and Aelius Narcissus is no different.

Born to the famous elementalis Nemo Siago Dyne and his wife Natalia Braginskaya- a renowned authority on magical creatures, it was always expected that the family gift would show in the boy. Though, unlike his father, it seemed to lay dormant all throughout his childhood. So, time that would have been spent learning how to control the ability with his father was instead spent following his mum all over Russia hunting down monsters for study. It wasn’t until he was eleven that his ability to control the elements became apparent via accidentally setting fire to his grandmother’s nice new curtains. On her birthday.

Though the first episode was explosive, it was soon discovered that having been held back for so long, his talents tended to only show up by accident or when his emotions ran high. And that, upon using them, Aelius would become rather ill and need to be kept in bed. The solution to this was teaching him to release only little bits at a time and never when angry. With it under control, the boy was considered safe enough to send to a proper wizard’s school to learn more.

With his parent’s research keeping them in Russia, rather than their home country of England, the only option was to be sent to Durmstrang where, for a time, the boy flourished. Every subject he took he performed stellarly in, though after a time, he began to find himself either already knowing or becoming bored with the lack of challenge in his courses. Socially, however, the young man did rather spectacularly. What with his dashing grin, handsome face and flirtatious character, he was the desire of girls and boys alike. It was a shame then, in his fourth year, he was informed that he would need to leave the academy.

It was a greater shame when he was told the reason for it. The loss of his mother to a beast she was studying weighed heavy on the boy and his father alike and Aelius became cold and distant of others. Over that summer, it was decided that he would continue his education at Hogwarts, as his father had. Though, he wasn’t exactly thrilled by the idea…

Special Skills/Talents: Wandless elemental magic. Firestarting.

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Re: Aelius Narcissus Dyne

Post  Hugo Weasley on Thu Dec 02, 2010 5:19 pm

Excellent bio and welcome to the forum. As per our discussion on MSN your elementalist powers can't become ridiculous. Anywho, welcome to Ravenclaw.
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