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Professor Celeste Decorus

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Name: Celeste Decorus

Age: 44

Gender: Female

Blood Status: Half blood: Wizard/Veela father, muggle mother.

Wand: Yew, unicorn hair, 10 inches

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Position at Hogwarts: Charms Professor/Head of Hufflepuff

Patronus Horse

Appearance: Celeste possesses an ethereal, effortless beauty typical of the Veela race. Her silky smooth hair gently curls and is the colour of dark chocolate which contrasts with her incredibly light blue eyes as pure as topaz.

Standing at 5’5, she has a petite, slim and well trimmed figure which seems to glide rather than walk. She can usually be found wearing very stylish, glamorous robes of the latest fashion, favouring gold and silvers colours. Never seen without make up, although she doesn’t need it, her eyes are always decorated with dark colours, accentuating the brightest of her eyes.

Personality: On the outside, it is easy to assume Celeste is a typical Quidditch player’s wife, an airhead adorned with glamorous jewellery, clothes and make up however underneath all this is a very talented woman.

Extroverted, chatty and personable, others find it easy to talk to her, in part thanks to stunning looks but also her relaxed, undemanding way with people. However when it comes to disobedience, she is known to come down harshly on students, preferring public humiliation to detention. This has come in the form of waiting at dinner times, without the use of magic, litter pick at break times and washing classroom windows, again without magic.

History: Born in 1981 in Westminster, London, Celeste is the product of a mixed marriage. Her mother was a powerful politician who would rise through the ranks of government to become Secretary of State for Defence and her father was a wizard whose mother was a Veela, he worked at the Ministry as a diplomat in the Department of International Magical Cooperation.

She has brother five years her junior, Caelius, who is an international Quidditch star most notably famous for helping England to win the 2020 Quidditch World Cup by saving the Seeker from a Bludger just as she was about to catch the winning Snitch. Currently plays for Puddlemere United.

While growing up, their house in Camden was a very busy one. Co-workers from both worlds continuously came to dinner and business visits. Celeste remembers clearly helping her mother hide all traces of magic before muggle colleagues came to their large house, which was very often. As a young child she prayed that she would become a witch and not a muggle like her mother, declaring them boring.

Apart from the hustle and bustle of constant visitors to the house, her early childhood was otherwise quite uneventful. Due to the nature of their jobs, both her parents were away a lot and so she and her brother were cared for by a Squib governess for they couldn’t risk having a muggle one in the house.

Upon entry to Hogwarts, Celeste was sorted into Hufflepuff. Immediately she stood out as very talented in Charms and Transfiguration however was easily distracted in lessons and would soon become known for her chatting and gossiping in lessons. This behaviour only increased when she started to be male attention, under pressure from her parents, she studied hard for her OWLs and gained Exceed Expectations across the board with an Outstanding in Charms. She received similar grades in her NEWTs with an additional Outstanding in Transfiguration.

Celeste met her future husband, Italian national seeker Romano Velox while both he and Caelius played for the Caerphilly Catapults. After an intensely passionate month together, they hastily married in Gretna Green when she was only 19. Their daughter Adonia was born a year later. Romano rose to fame quickly as an exceptional seeker meaning he was travelling all over the world while Celeste was a stay at home mother, which she hated. Stresses of his lifestyle hit a climatic end only three years into the marriage when she decided to separate.

After the separation Celeste put her talent in Charms to good use by joining The Accidental Magic Reversal Squad, a squad she stayed with for the next 17 years and led for 5 years. Needing a change of scenery, when she heard that Hogwarts was in need of a Charms Professor, she applied and of course was accepted.

Special Skills/Talents Can perform intricate, complex spells with apparent ease.

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Re: Professor Celeste Decorus

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Excellent bio, congratulations. Welcome to the forums.
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