The plot so far

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The plot so far

Post  Hugo Weasley on Fri Dec 24, 2010 7:38 am

When history repeats itself, the price goes up; it is an unfortunate fact but a vital lesson. The Wizarding World now teeters on the brink of setting dangerous events in motion only 17 years after the defeat of Lord Voldemort. The question is whether they can afford the penalty this time?

A small but persuasive group have formed at Hogwarts and they represent a new interpretation of the elitism of Magic which had allowed Voldemort to gather such an extensive army of followers. The activists of this group believe that wizards, witches and muggles should live openly side by side, thinking it unfair that the magical world has to go to such elaborate measures to stay hidden like some embarrassing cousin everyone is ashamed of.

Unfortunately this has become a breeding place for those who believe in the old ways. The philosophy of magic supremacy didn’t suddenly die away upon Voldemort’s death. Many pure blood families still exist with the goal of keeping their bloodline clean, but desire the dominion of wizard-kind over muggles.

There is no longer a ‘Chosen One’ at Hogwarts, the corruption runs deep in the veins of the school and has seeped into the Ministry with graduates taking their ideas with them. Without a clear leader, will the Wizarding World be able to retain the philosophy of everyone is welcome and it’s best to leave the muggles well enough alone, or will it buckle under the pressure? Will witches, wizards, flying brooms, wands and dragons become common knowledge nationwide?

Which side will you take? With places as a student, professor or ministry worker everyone can make a difference and help turn the tides in any direction.
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