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Else Culpepper APPLICATION

Post  Else Culpepper on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:31 pm

Else Culpepper



Blood Status: Good grief! What a question?! Next thing you will be asking for is my inside leg measurement. I will decline to answer this as I feel that it will NOT affect my abilities in any way. All you are getting from me is that it is O positive ... as in Oh No - why should I divulge this detail and in I am POSITIVE that this level of questioning is invasive. Hmmph!

Wand: Yes. Ebony with powdered Basilisk fang. Next thing you'll be asking if I'm a Parselmouth! Can't believe the audacity of the blood status question ... shocking!

Hogwart's House: Slytherin

Appearance: Oh, so now my looks need to be catalogued?! If this goes against me I shall take it to the highest authority in The Ministry. Well, for what it's worth: five foot and three inches. Brown eyes. Dark brown hair, shoulder length - maybe not beautiful but it is practical. Always wear black - again, not beautiful but practical. Long skirts are a must - not practical, but hey, sue me.

Personality: Surely if you have not figured out that I am terse, do not suffer fools gladly, highly practical, skilled at what I do and like things just so then you should be looking for a new human resources and personnel team to look over the applications and NOT a Herbology Professor as I am.

History: Yes, plenty. Oh, my qualifications and such. Hogwarts, top of the class in Herbology, not top in others but good enough grades to have been private tutoring in Herbology and related disciplines for the past twenty years or so. After all that hoo-har with Voldermort and Hogwarts there was quite a call for home tutoring. It will be much more efficient to be back in a class environment.

Is this the part where I give my status? Single, not looking, not intersted, not going to be in any great hurry to go looking. Talking to plants is more rewarding. I tend to get more sense out of them than fellow humans.

Born to Edwin and Elise Culpepper in 1969, England. Only child. Not really a priviledged upbringing in that the family has had to work for everything so we owe nothing to anyone other than ourselves. Father and mother deceased. No living relatives, ghosts or skeletons in closets, well, the latter - none that I will admit to in any case. Reasonably uneventful childhood. Kept myself to myself at Hogwarts, preferring the intellectual company of the library and the occasional conversations with Slytherin teachers. Lovelife: Never found the right one, well, I did but he was out of my league and about 20 years my senior so that wasn't going to go anywhere now, was it? He's dead now so ... it was work and study all the way for me after that.

Special Skills/Talents: Plenty. No, I am not a Parselmouth, or an Animagus. I can't change into other folks or indeed want to. I like me how I am. I do, however, like to perform research in combining science, botany, genetic splicing and magic. Some interesting results which I am no doubt sure you will encounter should you want to employ me.

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Re: Else Culpepper APPLICATION

Post  Hugo Weasley on Thu Dec 02, 2010 5:20 pm

Great bio, it has my approval and welcome to the forum as Professor of Herbology.
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